A Common Question Regarding Waxing Procedure In Hong Kong

Friday , 2, April 2021 Leave a comment

In all fairness, the actual waxing process can cause a little discomfort or a little tingling. Everyone has pain they can handle. Keep in mind that the first wax mask is the most uncomfortable because there is more hair to remove. 

Every time you visit a beautician for your next scheduled bikini waxing in Hong Kong, you will feel less comfortable. It is difficult to judge how much pain or discomfort it is, but not many women would choose this hair removal method if it was unbearable. 

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One thing you need to know is that your skin is the most sensitive during menstruation. Therefore, don't plan a wax mask during menstruation, because your skin will always be stressed.

Do I have to remove my underwear when I get bikini wax?

Your underwear can stay on if you want. However, your beautician will provide you with disposable underwear if you want to cover up but don't want your own pants to accidentally come into contact with the wax. Before you begin, ask your beautician what you need to know about bikini waxing and what to expect during the waxing process. 

Before you start, it's time to go over the actual bikini lines where you want the wax mask to follow your body. Remember that any time you feel uncomfortable during a bikini waxing procedure, you should tell the beautician that you need to pause. 

If you are uncomfortable with this procedure or the beautician doesn't want to listen to you, it's best to leave the wax mask and find another, more professional beautician.

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