When you are in business, you need to have a defined target market! It is not at all feasible for you to target every person in the world. A defined target market will help you understand as to how you should be designing your strategies. The strategies need to be well defined and on point to make your business a success. When you try to target each set of individuals, it makes it difficult for you to devise a plan. Each set of customers think, see and perceive things differently and you need to market the product to them in their language and according to their perception.

When you are defining a target market, you need to consider the age group and religion. You cannot sell meat products to Hindus for example as this would be a huge fail. McDonald’s did make a similar mistake of launching their McBeef in India, and later on, they rectified their mistake by launching McAloo.

Below are some tips and tricks that can help you define your target market in the most effective and efficient way:

    1. You should have a clear idea as to what you are going to sell to your customers. If it is a service or a product. If you are not sure what are the possible uses of the service or the product that you are selling, you will have difficulty in setting your target market.
    2. Once you know what you are selling, you should decide, who are the possible target markets that you can sell to. Once you have done that you can very easily design a strategy that you would be using. It is possible that your product is for the two different strata. You need to define differently for them.
    3. When you are deciding your target market, you should analyze who will be the people who would be gaining benefits from your product and service and then you can divide them into groups.
    4. Your market should be well defined; this will help you target them appropriately through all the possible marketing channels.
    5. When you set your target market you should self-analyze if you can target your customers as you want to, are you okay with working in the geographical region that your probable customers reside. These factors will help you understand how you should be designing the strategy for your target market.
    6. You should also be able to answer, what exactly is the unique proposition that you have for your target market.
      This unique offering will help you understand if you have chosen the right market.
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